Friday, June 3, 2011

Pink Fridays #4

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I have been SO busy lately. I haven't edited yet my two posts. I guess I can breathe after my daughter's birthday then huh? And yikes! Tomorrow, the mister will fly to London for a six week (or more) training/knowledge transfer. Haist. I'm feeling kind of gloomy and tired. 

But hey! I also have something to smile about. For the first time, I was able to print my LOs. I made a 20 page guestbook for my daughter's birthday plus 2 pages for the front and back cover. Oh I think I'm satisfied with the outcome {wink}.



By the way, here's my Pink Friday entry.

Flergs Sweetness Freebie Kit
Trista Blessed Alpha by Mye de Leon


Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Friday #3

Taking a bath is one activity that my daughter like so much. So we thought of buying her a pool so she could enjoy the summer.



Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Friday #2

As a preparation before giving birth, my husband and I bought an infant toothbrush for my little tot. But since it was too big for her mouth, we checked for other toothbrush and found this set. I liked it the moment I saw it. Got teddy bear for a handle :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pink Friday #1

 I'm joining the Pink Friday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Stroll at The Zoo

My husband and I decided to bring our daughter to the zoo to have a family picnic. And so we went and guess what. The zoo was crowded. People took advantage of the 2-day holidays plus 2 weekends to have fun with their families and friends. We think our daughter had a lot of fun at the zoo.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Breastfeeding Story

picture source
I have to confess something: I didn't breastfeed long.

Yes, that's the truth. I'd like to tell you my story about why I stopped breastfeeding my baby and how my husband and I coped up with it.

Before I gave birth (that's when I was on my 3rd month) I was so excited that I bought a breast pump that early. So early that some of my friends raised their brows for thinking that I was so excited I just waited to be pregnant so I can buy a breast pump. It made me laugh so hard. I was just excited to think that my daughter would be drinking the purest milk of all - my milk associated with so much love and purity.

But I was on my sixth month of pregnancy when my tooth ached so painfully I wished I could be dumb whenever it happen. My husband told me to have it extracted a month after giving birth but I refused. I told him that it will be harmful for my baby to feed on me when the dentist give me a tranquilizer. I bear the pain for three months but I can no longer take it. I thought about it, the pros and cons if I decide. But I have to, for my daughter's sake. I cannot function well as her mother whenever my tooth aches. And so I faced the reality that if I wanted to be a mother to her -take care of her better, give her my full attention- I have to have that tooth removed.

The dentist told me that I cannot breastfeed my daughter for a month and a half because that tranquilizer will be harmful. And I knew it. Since then my daughter is a formula feeding baby.

I learned a lot from that experience. My husband and I talked about it. So for our next baby, we'll make sure that it's planned -visit to the dentist and to the OB- so that my next baby and I would enjoy the benefit of breastfeeding.

Pixiekids Toys

Check this out:

Isn't that nice? I found this on their Facebook Fan Page. It think those toys are made of felt cloth. I was actually thinking of buying a sewing machine couple of months ago. I wanted to make dresses for my baby, and cloth toys as well. yes, I know how to sew. I leaned it from my mom and in my highschool days.
picture source
Their toys are eco friendly and has scent like this one. If I cannot buy a sewing machine soon, I will definitely go with this.

Dealing With Colic

picture source
Baby Colic -  (also known as infant colic, three month colic, and Infantile colic) is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams frequently and, for extended periods, without any discernible reason. The condition typically appears within the first two weeks of life and almost invariably disappears, often very suddenly, before the baby is three to four months old, but can last up to 12 months of life.

I know that many parents have children who suffer from colic. But I am one of those who's thankful that my baby doest have this. I've heard some stories from mothers about their baby having a colic and I swear I prayed a lot for this. I don;t want my baby to suffer from this, I might not know just what to do. But I also prayed that if God wills, I hope He would help me and my baby cope with it. By little me only cries when she got poop on her diaper or if she's hungry and her mommy's waiting for her to ask for it LOL! They say that if your first born has it, your next babies will have it too. Does it mean that it runs in the family if your kids have it? They also say that this will actually be gone at around 3rd or 4th month of age. I'm a new mom and I know I don't have enough knowledge about this especially that my daughter doesn't have this. My sisters doesn't this experience as well. My informations came from friends with experience and from the books I read.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Pool Adventure

We went outing last weekend. My husband's sister decided to celebrate her son's second birthday in a nearby resort. Good thing because it was my daughter's first pool experience and I was so excited about it (not to mention that I was excited to make a LO about it as well!). We had a lot of fun although I realized that when you have a baby, you don't get to stay long in the pool, of course you have to consider whether your baby's already shaking because she's feeling cold and at the same time the too much exposure to the strong smell of chlorine mixed in on the pool water and the sun. My that was totally huge! I wished to go back to the pool but, nah! I just decided I'll stay with my daughter while hubby enjoys his moment with his brothers (and I took pictures of my baby). I saw how my baby got excited when we dip her into the water. She was screaming, and we were all laughing. Take a look at some of the pictures I took of her:

I have lots of photos of her but these are my top favorites. Oh I love the way she look when we put her in the water. I wish someday she'll learn how to swim. I'm still finishing her guestbook. Hope to finish it before April ends.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Baby At Month 9 (Part 2)

Yesterday we had Yna's 9th month celebration with my family. It was a blast of fun and action pack, haha! So we had my two nephews with us both with extraordinary strength for the whole day! Here are some of the photos:

the cake courtesy of my sister, first time that we don't have candle
that's my brother and he blogs as well
Lately I'm noticing that I'm not taking enough photos of my daughter. In my other blog, I mentioned that I am making a digi guestbook for her, I have finished LOs, it's just that I don't have enough 'good' photos of my daughter. It's a shame. I'm planning of buying DSLR for a more good quality pictures to be taken. I'm still undecided which band to choose that's why I'm reading reviews from the net. Anyway, I'm working on the front cover of the gustbook right now. I have to finish it before May so I could have it printed and bind.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Baby At Month 9

Hello there. It's only now that I will be posting another topic here on my blog. I am too focused on my other blog and my photoshop. I'm making a guestbook (scrapbook style) fo Yna's up coming birthday in June. My husband and I are too busy making calls since the beginning of this year to some suppliers. It was unfortunate for us that we have to withdraw our booking from our cake supplier because she mentioned of her last email (this march but we were exchanging mails since December) that they cannot deliver the cake on our place. Pity that she has told me that after three months and after I have already deposited 30% of the amount (sigh!). Well, we have to move on and just wait for her to send us the initial down payment we made. At least I learned a lesson on that: before booking, ask for the supplier's location and if they can deliver on your place LOL!

Here's the checklist:
* date & time - check
* venue - check
* cake supplier - TBD
* caterer - on place
* invitation - still working on it
* tarpaulin - still working on it, I have to visit one shop next week
* no. of guests - TBD
* decor fr the venue - the owner of the venue will take care of that
* games - that will come from on supplier we booked at (Boogie and Friends)
* guestbook - soon to finish and be printed last week of April
* photobooth - check

So that's my checklist. I realize lately that it will be more convenient for you to have an all in 1 suppliers. But it's rare to find that kind of supplier. You'll find some that can take care of may 3 to 4 on your list but not all. I remember seeing this website of Gloria Maia's on Multiply site, I called them couple of times and finally after days of no answer nor replies to my email and sms, I received one text from them: when is your party? After replying, I received no more messages from them at all. Can you believe that? Why don't they just tell me that I'm calling too soon (that was last November)? If only they told me that I would say that I want to make a very early booking because I find their package so affordable and worry free. They are so sooooooo rude. They have a business so I was expecting them to be professionals in that matter.

I'd be telling you some more reviews on our suppliers after the party (*wink). I wish I could tell you something now (because something has already happened) but would be best after the party.

Right now my husband is making blueberry cheesecream (recipe on my other blog). He told me that he wanted to do it because what I did was so yummy he want some more! (really?) Them tomorrow morning we'll be cooking some more (pata-tim, beef mechado and grilled pork), those are Filipino dishes. He's good at cooking, have I mentioned that? Yes. And I would say that I love his cooking, all of them! LOL!

So this post is kind of a bit long so I will give you my baby's milestone and funny moments tomorrow :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm on Fence!

Hey guys! I added my blog to Picket Fence Blog
This blog (Mummy Diaries) is dedicated to my daughter as I journal my life as a SAHM mom and wife who juggles between housekeeping, blogging and changing diapers in between. But I think I give more time on my other blog than here. Forgive me for that. That blog was a general blog of my randomness in everyday. Hope you will have time to vote for me and to read by other blog :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday