Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Pool Adventure

We went outing last weekend. My husband's sister decided to celebrate her son's second birthday in a nearby resort. Good thing because it was my daughter's first pool experience and I was so excited about it (not to mention that I was excited to make a LO about it as well!). We had a lot of fun although I realized that when you have a baby, you don't get to stay long in the pool, of course you have to consider whether your baby's already shaking because she's feeling cold and at the same time the too much exposure to the strong smell of chlorine mixed in on the pool water and the sun. My that was totally huge! I wished to go back to the pool but, nah! I just decided I'll stay with my daughter while hubby enjoys his moment with his brothers (and I took pictures of my baby). I saw how my baby got excited when we dip her into the water. She was screaming, and we were all laughing. Take a look at some of the pictures I took of her:

I have lots of photos of her but these are my top favorites. Oh I love the way she look when we put her in the water. I wish someday she'll learn how to swim. I'm still finishing her guestbook. Hope to finish it before April ends.

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