Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink Friday #2

As a preparation before giving birth, my husband and I bought an infant toothbrush for my little tot. But since it was too big for her mouth, we checked for other toothbrush and found this set. I liked it the moment I saw it. Got teddy bear for a handle :)


  1. That is soo cute! my daughter had the same toothbrush of that when she was 4 months old.

    my pink is up too:

    Happy Pink Friday!

  2. It's super cute......

    Happy PF...

  3. Beautiful pink!!
    Glad to be following you!!

  4. wow those are so cute. where did you buy those? i'm expecting a baby girl so she might need one of those. thanks also for peeking at my PF entry.
    i'm your new follower on GFC. TC DEAR! from

  5. I am sure she'll love that!

    Late bloghopping from Pink Friday.

    Would be grateful if you could visit my Pink also, have a nice weekend!

  6. those are so cutie! :)

    See you at my In PINK with the Sakura entry. Thanks!