Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Breastfeeding Story

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I have to confess something: I didn't breastfeed long.

Yes, that's the truth. I'd like to tell you my story about why I stopped breastfeeding my baby and how my husband and I coped up with it.

Before I gave birth (that's when I was on my 3rd month) I was so excited that I bought a breast pump that early. So early that some of my friends raised their brows for thinking that I was so excited I just waited to be pregnant so I can buy a breast pump. It made me laugh so hard. I was just excited to think that my daughter would be drinking the purest milk of all - my milk associated with so much love and purity.

But I was on my sixth month of pregnancy when my tooth ached so painfully I wished I could be dumb whenever it happen. My husband told me to have it extracted a month after giving birth but I refused. I told him that it will be harmful for my baby to feed on me when the dentist give me a tranquilizer. I bear the pain for three months but I can no longer take it. I thought about it, the pros and cons if I decide. But I have to, for my daughter's sake. I cannot function well as her mother whenever my tooth aches. And so I faced the reality that if I wanted to be a mother to her -take care of her better, give her my full attention- I have to have that tooth removed.

The dentist told me that I cannot breastfeed my daughter for a month and a half because that tranquilizer will be harmful. And I knew it. Since then my daughter is a formula feeding baby.

I learned a lot from that experience. My husband and I talked about it. So for our next baby, we'll make sure that it's planned -visit to the dentist and to the OB- so that my next baby and I would enjoy the benefit of breastfeeding.

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