Monday, March 28, 2011

My Baby At Month 9 (Part 2)

Yesterday we had Yna's 9th month celebration with my family. It was a blast of fun and action pack, haha! So we had my two nephews with us both with extraordinary strength for the whole day! Here are some of the photos:

the cake courtesy of my sister, first time that we don't have candle
that's my brother and he blogs as well
Lately I'm noticing that I'm not taking enough photos of my daughter. In my other blog, I mentioned that I am making a digi guestbook for her, I have finished LOs, it's just that I don't have enough 'good' photos of my daughter. It's a shame. I'm planning of buying DSLR for a more good quality pictures to be taken. I'm still undecided which band to choose that's why I'm reading reviews from the net. Anyway, I'm working on the front cover of the gustbook right now. I have to finish it before May so I could have it printed and bind.

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