Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Stroller, The Stroll and the Rain

My husband and I bought a new stroller for Yna since what she have was a hand me down from her cousin-my husband's nephew. We thought of buying her a new one so we could bring it to the mall or anywhere. Not that we're not thankful for my husband's sister's thoughtfulness, just a thought that since she was our first born, might as well buy something new for her aside from the clothes (",)  It's not that expensive. It's the only stroller we have seen that can be collapsed the smallest. Others are still big when collapsed. I like the color although it was not my first color of choice, brown with beige checkered. We just bought a mattress to cover the seat of the stroller, pink and white with a touch of pink and with an embroidery that says "princess."

We really planned to have this day our stroll day, we were supposed to go to the nearest park after visiting a micro surgeon in a hospital just few steps away from the park (well that's another story).

We were so excited for that day because we thought, aside from malling, this would be a good start for Yna to enjoy nature. A bay was just beside an ocean park and she would have been able to see the National Hero's monument and other statues.  We planned of eating on a seaside restaurant and walking on a platform constructed about the bay. But all these has gone with the rain that poured so hard while we we're still on our way to the hospital. Ouch!

So we end up malling, no choice 'coz the rain was so hard. We just said that we'll plan another stroll to the park next time.