Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Have New Friends

Do you know these guys? Well as for me, I do now. We now let our daughter watch dvds like Brainy Babies, Rhymes, Barney and those that sing the alphabet song. If we see her bored already with the dvds, we will turn on the television on Nickolodeon channel so she could watch couple of good episodes from Dora, Ni Hao Kai Lan, The Backyardigans, Yo Gabba Gabba and Team Umizoomi. But Before I let her watch those, I made some research about them. Just like choosing the right food and making sure that our kids are eating nutritious foods, I don't take chances on what she would watch.

Dora (the explorer) is a bi-lingual pre-school show which features the adventures of Dora with her monkey, Boot and her backpack. And along the way to their travel they will meet friends who sing songs with them. Each day they have to defeat a villain fox, Swipper from being a hindrance on their quest. This I think was a good show because Dora is directly talking to the viewers and by that, the kids would like to follow her instructions like if she will ask "Do you see a rainbow?" then the kinds will point on the rainbow, or  "Say jump" and the kids will jump to help Dora reach her  goal. And of course the show will always end with it's theme song "We did it."

Ni Hao Kai Lan I think is the Chinese version of Dora. And by the way, Ni Hao Kai Lan means 'hello' in Chinese.

The Backyardigans on the other hand is a show with five little animals who turns their backyard into an adventure place by with imagination.

The Team Umizoomi is a show which has incorporated the concept of math such as shapes, problem-solving story and patterns. If there's a friend in trouble (has lost a toy or if there's a situation that needs assistance), they will talk to him/her on Bot's belly, Geo can build anything using shapes and Milli can make patterns through her dress. It teaches Math concept and at the same time cooperation.

The Yo Gabba Gabba is a techno beat show that focuses on sharing, caring and loving that sing and dance. They actually have guests like they had Elijah Wood, some bands and other know actors to sing and dance with them. At first I don't really understand they but after watching them for three days, I get used of their costumes, their songs and why at night they turn into stuffed toys and being kept by the man that wears an orange suit.

So that’s it, can be a smart choice for moms like me huh?