Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Baby At Month 5

So this is kind of a bit frustrating for me though, we don't have a good photo shot last celebration of my baby's fifth month. Sorry I can't detail why.. But this one is what I think the best photo that night. That's her and her tita trying to blow the candle. It was Sunday evening when we celebrated Yna's monthsary because we also had a 'potluck' at church that morning. So we did not have enough time to prepare food, we just had Sans Rival cake from Red Ribbon (as always), home made pizza and lasagna. Well anyway, it's not the food that matter but how we have celebrated it (and the pictures!). So at this time, here are some additional milestones of my baby:
  • she can move by kicking when she's lying on her back or roll over just to reach whatever interests her
  • she likes to play with her food (and saliva)
  • she knows her name already that's why she turns when she hears her name being mentioned
  • she plays with her toys, although she can already do it at 3 and a half month, this time she really plays with them
  • she can hold her own bottle properly
  • she can pull her stomach up when she acts like crawling
  • of course she always bring objects inside her mouth
  • she was also able to hold her neck and head in a steady upright position

I'm proud of what she can do now. She never fails to amaze us everyday! I know that she can distinguish us from the crowd. By the way, we bought her a food processor as per her pedia's advice, to serve her with pureed food first until she's six months and can chew some. As of now I'm only giving her solid food three times a week, once a day. Just an introduction of solid food for her. I want her to like-no-love vegetable just like the son of my sister (the one after me).

Dice eating carrot
He loves vegetable so much. Aside from the fact that he has allergies to formula milk, chicken, and egg, he just leaned to enjoy eating veggies. I wish that I would be able to teach my daughter to do the same. Not only that it will be good for her, I don't want her to be a fan of junk food and pork. Well I know it will be up to us and how we will train her.