Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Baby At Month 4

Yna is now at month four. I am so amazed at how she grew up so fast that I think 24 hours is not enough. She more interactive now that I just can't get enough! So at this time she can already:
  • giggle
  • crawl a little bit (like a caterpillar)
  • show great interest in colorful books that's why I don't get tired reading to her
  • feel boredom whenever there are no one around (or if she can't just see us)
  • completely hold her feeding bottle with very minimal supervision,I can even do the laundry
  • show interest on her toys and keeps on playing with her mobile
    She wakes up earlier than us so it means that she's our alarm clock every morning. She's too active and playful. It makes my day whenever she stares at me, look around upon hearing my voice and show great appreciation on my face, well, I'm her mother so what can you say?