Friday, November 19, 2010

My Baby's First Birthday Preparation Part 1

Yeah, this is part one of my baby's first birthday preparation since it would be held next year, the 28th of June. I have read couple of blogs and forums regarding preparation how to's and the things that needs to be considered. Now let me go ahead and try to break it down...

First Things First:
1. Number of Guests
2. Budget
3. Venue
4. Date & Time
5. Suppliers (cake, catering etc.)
6. Invitation
7. Tarpaulin
8. Decor for the Venue
9. Games (for both kids and adult)

So these are the details that I have to consider, other secondary details can wait. My husband and I has already checked some cake and catering supplier's websites. All we need to do then is to have a food tasting with the caterer and check their dishes.