Monday, March 28, 2011

My Baby At Month 9 (Part 2)

Yesterday we had Yna's 9th month celebration with my family. It was a blast of fun and action pack, haha! So we had my two nephews with us both with extraordinary strength for the whole day! Here are some of the photos:

the cake courtesy of my sister, first time that we don't have candle
that's my brother and he blogs as well
Lately I'm noticing that I'm not taking enough photos of my daughter. In my other blog, I mentioned that I am making a digi guestbook for her, I have finished LOs, it's just that I don't have enough 'good' photos of my daughter. It's a shame. I'm planning of buying DSLR for a more good quality pictures to be taken. I'm still undecided which band to choose that's why I'm reading reviews from the net. Anyway, I'm working on the front cover of the gustbook right now. I have to finish it before May so I could have it printed and bind.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Baby At Month 9

Hello there. It's only now that I will be posting another topic here on my blog. I am too focused on my other blog and my photoshop. I'm making a guestbook (scrapbook style) fo Yna's up coming birthday in June. My husband and I are too busy making calls since the beginning of this year to some suppliers. It was unfortunate for us that we have to withdraw our booking from our cake supplier because she mentioned of her last email (this march but we were exchanging mails since December) that they cannot deliver the cake on our place. Pity that she has told me that after three months and after I have already deposited 30% of the amount (sigh!). Well, we have to move on and just wait for her to send us the initial down payment we made. At least I learned a lesson on that: before booking, ask for the supplier's location and if they can deliver on your place LOL!

Here's the checklist:
* date & time - check
* venue - check
* cake supplier - TBD
* caterer - on place
* invitation - still working on it
* tarpaulin - still working on it, I have to visit one shop next week
* no. of guests - TBD
* decor fr the venue - the owner of the venue will take care of that
* games - that will come from on supplier we booked at (Boogie and Friends)
* guestbook - soon to finish and be printed last week of April
* photobooth - check

So that's my checklist. I realize lately that it will be more convenient for you to have an all in 1 suppliers. But it's rare to find that kind of supplier. You'll find some that can take care of may 3 to 4 on your list but not all. I remember seeing this website of Gloria Maia's on Multiply site, I called them couple of times and finally after days of no answer nor replies to my email and sms, I received one text from them: when is your party? After replying, I received no more messages from them at all. Can you believe that? Why don't they just tell me that I'm calling too soon (that was last November)? If only they told me that I would say that I want to make a very early booking because I find their package so affordable and worry free. They are so sooooooo rude. They have a business so I was expecting them to be professionals in that matter.

I'd be telling you some more reviews on our suppliers after the party (*wink). I wish I could tell you something now (because something has already happened) but would be best after the party.

Right now my husband is making blueberry cheesecream (recipe on my other blog). He told me that he wanted to do it because what I did was so yummy he want some more! (really?) Them tomorrow morning we'll be cooking some more (pata-tim, beef mechado and grilled pork), those are Filipino dishes. He's good at cooking, have I mentioned that? Yes. And I would say that I love his cooking, all of them! LOL!

So this post is kind of a bit long so I will give you my baby's milestone and funny moments tomorrow :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm on Fence!

Hey guys! I added my blog to Picket Fence Blog
This blog (Mummy Diaries) is dedicated to my daughter as I journal my life as a SAHM mom and wife who juggles between housekeeping, blogging and changing diapers in between. But I think I give more time on my other blog than here. Forgive me for that. That blog was a general blog of my randomness in everyday. Hope you will have time to vote for me and to read by other blog :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fever again...

Yna had a fever for 3 days because I too, had it for a week. I was so devastated when I checked her body tempt and saw that it was at 38.4. It made me worry again because I know that she got it from me. I gave her a dose of medicine to lower down the fever and, thank God it did. so today we both have cough and were curing it with Robitusin med for me and Ambroxol for her. Honestly, it's very uncomfortable for me whenever she's sick or not feeling well, maybe because I worry that she might not recover or it will move on to a very serious case. In times like this, I try to keep calm and think that everything will be back to normal. So that I can focus and think straight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yna's Late 8th Month Celebration

We celebrated Yna's 8th month only today because I have a flu and 2 days ago, my husband and I were so so sleepy and not in the mood due to lack of sleep and rising early for few weeks now. Anyways, here is the promised follow up picture :)

For couple of months now, my husband and I leaned one thing when celebrating Yna's monthsary - not to prepare too much food. Most of the time, just the three of us who celebrates, and only the two of us who eats the food. So to avoid food spoilage, we make sure that we prepare food that we can consume for a day or two.