Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Baby At Month 7

Wow, how time flies! A moment ago Yna was just a month old. And now, she's already seven months! We'll just be waiting for 5 months and she'll be one! Wow (sigh). We celebrated her 7th month in a very simple way. Her dad just bought lasagna, pizza and spaghetti from a fast food because the day before that, her grandfather has celebrated his 6oth birthday. So we actually had a load of fun, enjoyment and food enough to keep us full the next day.

I have already packed her other stuff like the receiving blankets, her first two socks, her first three dresses which were already small for her, wash clothes and her first feeding bottles. I just can't afford to give them away, they are my baby's first stuff. Maybe in the next few years, yet, I still don't know. And I was surprised to see her bibs (there are 7 pieces in the laundry)!I am not aware how much bibs I have bought for her. It's just too many!

Every time I close the day  with a prayer for my family, I always thank The Lord for my daughter is healthy and happy. However, this past month, my husband and I noticed that Yna is suffering from stranger anxiety. Our family had our annual reunion and we were thinking that the would not be any problem for her meeting new people for the first time. However, we ended up carrying her the whole time (except when she's feeding) just to calm her and to minimize the noise and embarrassment. I thought this will not happen to her because many tells us that our baby is an example of a happy child who's friendly even to someone whom she just met for the first time. But not until she was five months. Even so, I still read the part of this on my most trusted book. Just so, thinking that this will pass like the wind. So we asked my relatives to approach her slowly as she's still warming up.

As much as possible, I don't force her to be held by anyone when she starts showing the sign nor do I want to be on the rescue always. But she's just a baby, what can I do. Well, I believe that gradually, she would learn how to deal with her fear and be familiar with those people. According to the study I have read on the net, "it has nothing to do with the absence of assurance, it is simply the amount of alarm hormone each person is born with."

And before I forget, these are some of the new things that Yna has developed aside form the continuous shouting of our baby soprano (",)
  • she stand when leaning onto something steady like table, chair, on the crib
  • she bites (taste) anything she holds - even those that are within reach!
  • she's showing a greater sense of humor
  • laughs and laughs and laughs
  • she now say 'tata'  'dada'  'amama'
  • she's sitting well without any support
Oh and by the way, she already holds her training cup with two hands on each handle for three months now. However, she became wary of her old Barney training cup so we bought her a new Hello Kitty training cup. It was so cute I would like to buy one for myself!