Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning The Art of Potty Training

I bought a book last Saturday titled 'Everything Potty Training Book' by Linda Sonna, Ph. D.

That's right, I'm reading this book in advance. I wanted to be on the know when the right time comes for me to potty train Yna. I know it won't be that easy that's why I wanted to know other mothers' experiences which they shared in this book. Even before I bought this book, I try to research on some baby websites and read about real parents sharing and posting their first time experiences about this. I try to be a well informed mom in everything as much as possible. It can be hard but nothing is that hard when it comes to my daughter and family's sake. Becoming a mother is tiring and stressful but hey, I'm enjoying it! No experience is comparable to that of being a mother. Everyday is memorable, a treasure to keep.